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McClenaghan High School, Class of 1960, Florence, SC
60th Class Reunion
Date To Be Determined

Yellow Jacket

View photo album by Nancy Johnson Preddy (50th reunion?) here.

View Martha Ellis Backman album from 50th reunion here.

View captioned images taken by Gloria Burgh at 55th Reunion here.

(Re all pictures below on this page and in albums, please keep in mind that some of these photos go back 10 years or more)

And on the right are the Hammonds . . . Joe and Judy would of course be the good-looking couple in the center ... sons Todd & Stephen behind them all.  Wives Leigh & Shawn and their two kids each in front of them, except Stephen & Shawn (on the right) have one more (3rd son) since this picture was taken. Hammonds

Kenny & Pedrick (Isom) Hillman shown right  - picture was taken several years ago.  Kenny has a Harley, as he did in high school.  Pedrick's comment - "He still rides but I don't ride with him any more .... too much "helmet hair!!!"

Kenny & Pedrick Hillman
Noel & Pat Johnson Noel & Pat Johnson live in Gastonia, NC, and they have been married for 42 years.  Both are now retired but are each doing a few things part time now to keep busy.
Bill & Jeannette Price - this one taken on their cruise to Alaska in recent years. Bill & Jeannette Price
Bill Price Family

Bill Price Family
From left, Kappy holding Meg's youngest Thomas, Layton age 11, Jeannette, Bill, William age 14, Roy and Meg.  The three boys belong to Roy and Meg and Kappy is unmarried but thinks the boys are hers as she is their favorite aunt.

June McIntosh Uhler & Burnham Uhler w/Flossie Fourth June & Burnham Uhler
Sandy Hopkins Greenwood L to R: son-in-law Jay Frost, daughter Mindy Frost, Sandy Hopkins Greenwood, Ken Greenwood husband of 47 years, granddaughters Aubree (10) and Cassie (7) Frost.  (Son Matt, his wife Kris & their sons David (13) & Steven (10) Greenwood are not pictured.)  Sandy & Ken plan on moving back to the Lancaster (PA) area next year to be near their son.  Mindy has been working for the CDC in Beijing, & this picture was taken during Sandy & Ken's 5-week visit in Beijing.

L - R Top, Claire Sallenger Martin, Becky Wall Brown, Ann Jeffords Wright

L - R Bottom, Martha Ellis Beckman, Angie Strain Messer, Anne Gregory Bridgers

Garden City Beach, SC 2005
Florence Girls 2005
Martha Ellis Beckman Family Seated - my parents Martha and Doug Ellis L - R granddaughter Jordan Beckman, son Trey Beckman daughter-in-law Cary Beckman, granddaughter Rachel Beckman, husband Sterling Beckman, (me) Martha Ellis Beckman, son-in-law Glenn Dinofer, granddaughter Seleena Dinofer, grandson Dallas Dinofer, daughter Ramelle Dinofer and "Allie." 2006.
Lynne & Ed Vaught

Lynn & Eed Vaught

Alex Stanton Alex Stanton - yes, he's still flying, now lives in California, has retired from TWA.
Joe & Carolyn Wolfe, with Anne Steele Wolfe and son Les, & Anne's mother Mary, at the April 14 (2012) wedding of Anne & Les at Kanuga near Hendersonville, NC - the newlyweds will live in Greenville (SC). Wolfes @ Les Wedding
Anne Ingram & Martha Ellis

Taken May 19, 2012 at Lake Murray,
shows Martha Ellis Beckman (middle) and Anne Ingram Kennedy (right) enjoying their husbands' reunion of their Clemson fraternity, the Numeral Society.

Frank & Carol Williams holding grandkids - Jasmine Moore and Kyle Williams with Frank, and Savannah Williams in Carol's arms.  They now have a 4th grandchild, born in 2009.  (This picture is about 5 years old.) 

Frank & Carol's two children are Gregory and Melinda, and both live about 20 miles from Frank & Carol, who retired to Franklin, TN, a little ways south of Nashville.

Frank & Carol Williams
Coach Bob Bell & visitors, June 2013 Coach Bob Bell & visitors


June 2013:  Several of our classmates visited with former coach Bob Bell in his assisted living facility in Greer, SC.  Coach Bell started with us as 10th graders and left 1-2 years after we graduated, as many of you may recall, so our class really identified with him - he is now 87!  He is seated, then standing L to R are Whistle Smith, Bill Price, Jerry Stallworth, Wylie Caldwell, John Cook, and George Corbin.  The picture is clickable to view larger and optionally print if you wish.

Alex Stanton and Coach Bob Bell during the visit made by Alex during early July, 2013. Coach Bell & Alex Stanton

Calvin and Sandi Jordan

Calvin & Sandi Jordan, Top photo in Norway. Both taken ~ 5 years ago

(Dr.) Mick & Judy Holland

Carlsbad, CA

Mick Holland & wife JudyMick_Judy-Holland

Bill Meggs Bill & Susan Meggs passing through the Straits of Gibraltar at Sunset, June 18, 2015, with the Rock of Gibraltar in the background.

L to R - Mary, Lucy, Anne, Minnie, Sandy, Carolyn, Louisa, Pedrick

May 2017 in Florence

Mary now lives in Florence, Lucy in Atlanta, Anne in Cheraw, Minnie in Raleigh, Sandy in Alabama, Carolyn in Litchfield Beach, Louisa in Annapolis, and Pedrick in Houston.

Bill Price visited with them at the Hotel Florence when they were there recently. 

May 2017

The photo above was taken in late September 2018, at Alex's house near San Clemente, CA Bob Pendergrass was there but not in the photo since he was not lucky enough to have been graduated from the best college in the South...

L to R - Bill Meggs, Mick Holland, Alex Stanton

Pictured from left: Ed Turbeville, Mick Holland, Judy Holland, Tom (son of), Susan & Bill Meggs