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McClenaghan High School, Class of 1960, Florence, SC
60th Class Reunion
Date To Be Determined

The Reunion Committee, in their efforts to comply with suggested guidelines from our federal, state, and local governments caused by the COVID-19 virus, has made the decision to postpone the planned 60th reunion of the McClenaghan Class of 1960 in Florence. The committee will continue to consider the options for the time being. The committee members do understand that those of us in far places need adequate lead time to make our travel plans in the event that the reunion is rescheduled for later this summer or fall.

Our reunion committee has worked tirelessly in their efforts to plan and organize this event, and I know we all appreciate their efforts.  Members of the committee are Wylie Caldwell, Buck Ham, Linda Haithcock (Turner), Kitty McKenzie (Murrell), Gail McCall (McMillan), Alice Harrell (Wise), Bill Price, Eddie Parker, and Ann Wolfe (Orr).

The Lives & Times of our Classmates
(New September 2020)

When the 60th class reunion originally scheduled for April 2020 was postponed due to the COVID-19 situation, we decided to ask classmates for updates of their lives and times for publication here. We thought it would be fun and enjoyable to catch up, since we were unable to meet in person.  Bill Price and Gene McCutchen posted several messages to classmates explaining this program and detailing how to participate, but it's really not complicated at all.  Basically, you can just write an email to your classmates and we'll publish it on this website. 

It's really been enjoyable to read about former classmates and where they live and have lived, their families, etc.  So far we have posted 22 classmate updates... and should you need to know an address or phone number, the updated (thanks Bill Price!) 55th Reunion Booklet is included.  All of this content can be viewed via the "Bios" link in the menu upper left.  You can simply write about what's been going on in your life since your 1960 graduation from McClenaghan. If you like, generate it as a long email message, a Word document, any kind of text document, or even a PDF document.  Then send it to and we'll take care of the rest.  For everyone's privacy the individual writeups are password protected, so if you need to know how to access any of the documents and don't remember (a common phenomenon for people of our age bracket I hear!) the username and password information, send that request also to the "mybio" email address shown above as well.