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McClenaghan High School, Class of 1960, Florence, SC
(50th Reunion was Aug 28, 2010)
( 55th was Aug 22, 2015)

Gloria Burgh Harman took a number of good candid photographs during the 55th reunion, as did Jerry Ballentine Forte.  They are now viewable by following the link at the end of this paragraph to one of her SmugMug folders.   Gloria claims she's not a professional - well, we know that means only that she does not sell pictures!   Her work certainly looks very professional.  She edited both hers and Jerry's pics in Photoshop to include renaming each image file to identify each classmate pictured, and then she put them all up in her SmugMug account.  Those taken by Jerry are the ones with a datetime stamp lower right.  Many thanks for all their time and efforts so that we can all remember each other through these images.   In SmugMug, you can see who's who by simply stepping through the images as the page opens up, looking at the file name below the picture to see who is who - or, you can view them as a fullscreen slideshow by clicking on that "slideshow" link immediately above the picture of (Coach) Phil Winstead & his wife (the larger image on the bottom right side). Thanks again Gloria & Jerry!  Click here to view these pictures.

Speaking of pictures ...   during the  55th reunion you may have noticed John Cameron (McClenaghan Class of 1959) also walking around taking pictures, candids, small groups, and of course the group shot.   He is a professional photographer and was there by request of the committee.   I've taken a quick look at his SmugMug page and I was quite favorably impressed - he's really good!   Click here to see that.  That slideshow at the top of the page includes some truly awesome images!   (I haven't yet seen the candids he took of the classmates, but they will be up soon - we will advise you when they are available.)

John spent a good bit of time that evening taking pictures which I know we'll all enjoy through the years to come.  From our 55th reunion, he's offering a CD and a color 10x8 group shot which you can purchase via his SmugMug web page (link above), and soon as he finishes processing the candids I believe he plans to post them in an unlocked album on that page, similar to the one currently there for the Class of 1962 Reunion - down at the bottom of the page.   The pricing and quality of his work are both awesome in my opinion, knowing a bit about photography myself - these are really good prices.

For your information:

$10.00 Color Class of 1960 group photo from the reunion 10 x 8
$15.00 Photo CD
$  2.00 Shipping & Handling for either or both

Contact Information:
John Cameron
Click here to send John an email.

If you took pictures that weekend you'd like to share with classmates, I will be happy to put them up on this website.   Should you need help getting them to me (too large, too many, etc as I do much prefer originals) , I can make suggestions as to how to do it quickly and easily - click here to send me an email.

And, Willy and I regret that we were unable to make this reunion - just too many complications.   Sorry we missed seeing each of you!

Gene McCutchen (webmaster)